Jan 19, 2020 · 15 questions, one roast. Whether you're straight outta middle school or you've been holding down a steady job for the past 10 years, I bet I can guess your age and your personality based on your BNHA opinions. Deku doesn't hold back so I won't.
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Apr 16, 2019 · It's really crowded in the halls of UA, and Bakugou is shoving his way through, irritably snapping at everyone to make way. He doesn't pay attention when his shoulder bumps into you harshly and you stagger back, almost losing your balance.
Age Verification; pls help my friend logged into my account and put his date if birth in and i can't change it to my age pls help. View comment ⚡🎧Slick Bakugou🎧⚡ November 11, 2020 03:38; 0 votes